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2d Game Development Framework based on SFML.Net
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Otter.ControllerXbox360 Class Reference

Inherits Otter.Controller.

Public Member Functions

 ControllerXbox360 (params int[] joystickId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Otter.Controller
 Controller (params int[] joystickId)
Button Button (Enum name)
Button Button (string name)
Axis Axis (Enum name)
Axis Axis (string name)
Controller AddButton (Enum name, Button b=null)
Controller AddButton (params Enum[] names)
Controller AddButton (params string[] names)
Controller AddButton (string name, Button b=null)
Controller AddAxis (Enum name, Axis a=null)
Controller AddAxis (string name, Axis a=null)
Controller AddAxis (params Enum[] names)
Controller AddAxis (params string[] names)
void Clear ()
override void UpdateFirst ()
 Called during the UpdateFirst on the parent Entity. More...
void Record ()
 Record the input to a string. Optionally save it out to a file when finished. More...
void Playback (string source)
 Play back recorded input data. More...
void PlaybackFile (string path)
 Playbacks the recorded input data loaded from a file path. More...
void SaveRecording (string path="")
 Save the last recorded input data to a file. More...
void Stop ()
 Stop the recording or playback of the controller. This will also release input states. More...
void Disable ()
void Enable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Otter.Component
virtual void Added ()
 Called when the Component is added to the Entity. More...
virtual void Removed ()
 Called when the Component is removed from the Entity. More...
void RemoveSelf ()
 Removes the Component from its parent Entity. More...
virtual void Update ()
 Called during the Update on the parent Entity. More...
virtual void Render ()
 Called during the Render on the parent Entity. More...
virtual void UpdateLast ()
 Called during the UpdateLast on the parent Entity. More...
GetComponent< T > ()
 Gets the first Component of type T from this Component's Entity. More...
List< T > GetComponents< T > ()
 Gets a list of Components of type T from this Component's Entity. More...

Static Public Attributes

static int JoyButtonA = 0
static int JoyButtonB = 1
static int JoyButtonX = 2
static int JoyButtonY = 3
static int JoyButtonLB = 4
static int JoyButtonRB = 5
static int JoyButtonBack = 6
static int JoyButtonStart = 7
static int JoyButtonLeftStick = 8
static int JoyButtonRightStick = 9


Button A [get]
Button B [get]
Button X [get]
Button Y [get]
Button RB [get]
Button LB [get]
Button LeftStickClick [get]
Button RightStickClick [get]
Button Start [get]
Button Back [get]
Button RT [get]
Button LT [get]
Button Up [get]
Button Down [get]
Button Left [get]
Button Right [get]
Axis LeftStick [get]
Axis RightStick [get]
Axis DPad [get]
Axis Triggers [get]
- Properties inherited from Otter.Controller
bool Recording [get, set]
 If the controller is currently recording input. More...
bool Playing [get, set]
 If the controller is currently playing input data. More...
string LastRecordedString [get]
 The last recorded data as a compressed string. More...
- Properties inherited from Otter.Component
Scene Scene [get]
 The Scene that the parent Entity is in. More...
Collider Collider [get]
 The first Collider of the parent Entity. More...
Graphic Graphic [get]
 The first Graphic of the parent Entity. More...
List< GraphicGraphics [get]
 The list of Graphics from the parent Entity. More...
List< ColliderColliders [get]
 The list of Colliders from the parent Entity. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Otter.Controller
List< int > JoystickIds = new List<int>()
 The joystick id associated with this controller. More...
bool Enabled = true
 Determines if the controller is enabled. If not, all buttons return false, and all axes return 0, 0. More...
bool RecordAxes = true
 If the controller should record axes data. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Otter.Component
Entity Entity
 The parent Entity of the Component. More...
bool RenderAfterEntity = true
 Determines if the Component should render after the Entity has rendered. More...
bool Visible = true
 Determines if the Component will render. More...
float Timer = 0
 How long the Component has been alive (added to an Entity and updated.) More...

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