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Author Topic: Single Entity with multiple graphics and multiple graphic transformations  (Read 912 times)

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Hellow Fellow Otters,

I am quite new to Otter2d, therefor this question might be a little nooby.
I work on some kind of cogwheel-clock, which contains 2 cogwheels - a larger big sized cogwheel (functioning as the base) and a smaller sized cogwheel rotating around the bigger one. The problem here is that both shall rotate around there own image origins(which is in both cases there imagecenter) as well as the above mentioned relative rotation to eachother.

Here is a picture of the system in its core(with markings of where they should go):


At first i thought of using the entity of the clock (which holds the graphics of both wheels) as some kind of rotator but i didn't found a way to rotate it as a entity :/
I guess i would rather need some technique to make a graphic relative to another to be able to rotate it around its center while rotating its position in a larger circle OR the way more finiky way of trignometricly move its position in a circle, which i would like to avoid since i am not very familiar with the maths behind that sorcery xD

Is there an elegant way of solving that problem?